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"A delightful look at all the little things that make major league baseball a subtle spectacle." —Seattle Times

In his classic tribute to America's pastime, political commentator, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and lifelong sports enthusiast George F. Will travels from the baseball field to the dugout to the locker room to get to the root of the game we all love. He breaks down the sport to its four basic components, managing, pitching, hitting, and fielding, and analyzes the way four of its notables, manager Tony La Russa, pitcher Orel Hershiser, outfielder Tony Gwynn, and shortstop Cal Ripken Jr., approach the game. One of the most acclaimed sports books ever written, Men at Work is a revelatory, and often surprising, study of professional baseball.

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August 3
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Roofuss ,

Almost Timeless Triple

The author connects solidly on a full count fastball thrown by the opposing team (The Anytown Liberal Entitlists) and sends it soaring into right-wing territory and off the wall. As he rounds the bases he enthralls us with his athletic prose pricked by schoolboy excitement. Here are profiles, comparisons, and contrasts to a pantheon of the game's managers, pitchers, hitters, fielders and teams from the 1800's to the 1980's.
But our hero is held up at third, halted by his error of writing a contemporary work; the pick off throw by Old Man Time (2nd Base) keeps him from scoring five stars. Also, to the newcomer, the occasional barrage of statistics and tables can be numbing, requiring a 7th paragraph stretch for an espresso, or a beer if you are calling it a night.
Fear not, George ultimately scores. A sacrifice bunt by a closet humanist on his team sends him in for the run. The final section of "Men At Work" contains a concluding essay on excellence, passion, play and hard work that sends us all home in true baseball fashion: humble, resolute and ready for the next inning.

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