Men of God, Men of War Men of God, Men of War

Men of God, Men of War

Military Chaplains as Ministers, Warriors, and Prisoners

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Men of God, Men of War tells the stories of chaplains who have served in America’s wars. In his exploration of military chaplaincy, author Robert Doyle poses questions about their brand of service to the United States. He examines the complexities of the chaplains’ vocation—the types of services they performed, the roles they assumed in combat and as prisoners of war, and how they interacted with the military personnel they served and supported. Doyle explores the high price many paid for their commitment to their unique type of service.

Doyle illuminates the histories of chaplains who did their duty selflessly to God, to their country, to the soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen with whom they found themselves in very dire circumstances over the past three hundred years. Chaplains throughout American history have served bravely and selflessly at home and in the field, both under fire and “behind the wire.”  Chaplains served as sources of motivation, inspiration, and peace for military personnel in times of hardship, especially in captivity. Doyle illustrates that while they are now treated as non-combatants, chaplains’ vital role as leaders cannot be underestimated or understated.

Men of God, Men of War examines how chaplains performed under fire in hostile environments, beginning with the Revolutionary War through the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. The chaplains of the Revolution were patriots first, soldiers second, and men of God third. From the Civil War to modern times, these men gave hope to the hopeless, absolution to those soldiers who stood before their Maker before battles, and faith in themselves and their comrades so necessary for men in combat.  Doyle’s research shows that military chaplains have always remained necessary to men at war, even in a modern secular military.

Religion & Spirituality
March 15
Naval Institute Press
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