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Emma Greyson’s life has been in chaos ever since she met the irresistible Dr. Alec Collins. Just when she thinks their relationship is on steady ground, the unthinkable happens.
Alec tries to understand the reasons behind Molly’s drug overdose as Emma prepares herself to be a mother that Raelynn deserves.
When Molly recovers from her drug overdose, will she get the help she desperately needs? Can Emma help Molly? Or will Molly continue her destructive lifestyle as she fights for the man she loves? Can Emma continue to love Alec while giving her son, James, a steady home, or will it all be too much for her?
Mending Hearts is the third and final book of the Freedom Trilogy.

May 2
Brenda Kennedy
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Customer Reviews

vtHAD ,

better w/o the propaganda

I like BK’s writing, it is uplifting to read and encompasses much personal growth.

The vaccine propaganda really took from the story, IMO. On one hand you are advocating letting people choose their lives and accepting them, on the other you are blaming people who don’t support vaccinations as the cause of illness spreading, which is to be nice, less than factual.

But other than the pro-vaccine plugs, it was a nice story.

Duhxo ,

So hard

This book was so hard to get through. The first one was great, second one was ok but this book just wasn’t good. There was no storyline. Could have finished the book after book 2 and it would have been great. Book just felt forced.

BrainzNBeauty89 ,

Shattered Trilogy

This series is only okay in my opinion. It's very repetitive, almost dry, and offers little to no climaxes in the main characters' story. It switches timelines with little to no indication of it. Also, there are way too many POVs. Emma and Alec keep saying that they've "been through so much together", when they honestly haven't. Separately, they had marriages that led to unfortunate outcomes, but their relationship has been sunshine and daisies. I didn't want to judge the whole series on one book, so I forced myself to read all 3. Not something I'll read again in the future.

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