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Discover how to effectively research the Merch by Amazon marketplace so your t-shirt designs have the best chance of selling!

As a Merch by Amazon publisher and graphic designer, I used to create tee shirt designs without a systematic approach to researching the market. I just randomly created designs hoping they would sell, but in reality, dozens of my product listings would make zero sales. I was creating tshirt designs in markets where:

People simply weren't buying,

There was too much competition and my products had little chance of being seen,

I created designs for "flash fads" that nobody was interested in the next day, or

I created "risky" designs that could get my Merch by Amazon account suspended or downright banned (not to mention legal trouble).

It was frustrating and I was wasting my time, energy and resources!

With proper market research, I learned to avoid these problems and instead spent my time designing products for lucrative and untapped market niches that maximized my chances of making sales.

Merch by Amazon Market Research Formula is a market research system that helped increased my Merch sales by 246%!

With Merch by Amazon Market Research Formula, you'll discover:

How to avoid creating products in markets where no one is buying

How to avoid creating products in markets where there's an overwhelming amount of competition

How to identify the future potential of a market or trend

How to identify and manage your expectations for short-term trends or fads

How to ensure the market you are creating designs for have qualified buyers

How to find low-competition markets

How to avoid creating designs that will get your Merch by Amazon account suspended or banned!

How to uncover lucrative pockets of Merch opportunities and how to rapidly create designs for them before your competition can

...and much more!

Systematic market research is also important because as you get to higher tier levels and you have the opportunity to increase your number of design submissions, you avoid feeling overwhelmed since you have a system to stick to. You know you're investing your time optimally in productive things. I call this avoiding "Tier Fear," the fear of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do when Amazon puts you in a higher tier and suddenly you have the opportunity to create hundreds or even thousands of shirt designs.

Get this book now and start using a proven research system that can grow your Print on Demand business and make you more t-shirt sales!

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September 9
Bennett Hui
Draft2Digital, LLC