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Love may not conquer all...

Three Days. Father will be released from prison in three days. And his threats against me are about to come to fruition. The danger is as real as Dereck’s and my love. 

Dereck is ready to fight for my life. I think he senses it’s coming to that.

I’m his - in this life and any other life that exists - and I know he’ll do anything for me.

His bright white light is blinding.

But with my life in danger, Dereck's kindness may not be enough to protect me this time.

The clock is ticking… and my life is not the only one at risk.

MERCY is book three in the Forever Series. 

Fiction & Literature
October 31
India's Productions
India R. Adams
Grades 12-17

Customer Reviews

DMCechak ,

Deep breath...heart ache...angel with us in the Light

Deep breath...heart ache...angel with us in the light. India R. Adams has presented the third book in her Forever series, Mercy. I believe our souls cry out for the emotional connections we need at certain points in our life. These connections take place between lovers, family, friends, and strangers. They grow from words and thoughts and feelings. The connection that India has with her readers is blessed by her light, as she grows through her life experiences and finds the presence of mind to create worlds where her messages can take root and grow. This author can feed your soul. Embrace her light, her voice, that reaches out to share the life that has grown from each of her experiences, whether good or bad. Celebrate her courage, and the characters she creates to show the determination and will to live and love.

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