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Still living with her demonic curse in Salem, Meridian, stays with Raina the ex-coven member who uses black magic to keep Meridian at her side. Aiden struggles with Meridian’s absence not knowing that Meridian left him in order to protect him from the Black Widow Curse that Warrick cast upon her when she was banished from the Spirit Guide Realm. The demon court has their own agenda in the fight for human souls by keeping Meridian banished, but the Elemental Fairy Nymphs may be the ultimate undoing in the fight to send Meridian home. Using the demon’s lustful ways against the favorite of the court, Lahash, may throw a kink in the plan to invade the Hall of Souls. One good witch answers the demon’s riddle setting off a battle in the dark realm, but the real answer still eludes everyone. Is Meridian’s twin soul Aiden, or will he to perish?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 2
M.D. Fryson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Gibgirl ,

Amazing fantasy series!

Best book of this series! Each book gets better and better! The author writes this series with such passion. You can tell as each chapter flows effortlessly into the next. High packed action and adventure, I couldn’t put it down!!

Ace McKenzie ,

Best one yet!!!

I have read all the books in this on going series and this is definitely the best one yet. The emotional roller coaster and the surprise twist and turns are incredible. The story retains the wonderful originality from the first two books. I love how this series is s paranormal story WITHOUT vampires,werewolves, or zombies. The demon court taking a more centralized role really intrigues my interest. Again complete with one of the best anti hero characters in a long time Lahash. This guy is great. You really find your self pulling for Aiden and Meridian as the story progresses,and the ending..... wow..really you will have to read it to find out for yourself. I promise you two things. 1.) it’s totally worth it and 2.) you’ll never see it coming.

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