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In these days, God speaks to those who have spiritual ears to hear. The Holy Spirit is sending a true word letting the body of Christ know how to truly worship God.

There should be no doubt among believers as to the origin of music and the critical part it plays in our worship experience.

For this cause, I feel that this book written by Elder Elmus L. High Jr. is a tool that the body of Christ needs at this critical time in our church history. 

Dr. Thomas H. Vinson, From the Foreword

Message to the Levites is a must read if you’re a musician, singer, dancer, minister of music, pastor or one who desires a deeper understanding of what God wants and expects from us in worship.

There’s an “order” to entering His Presence. If we follow that order, we’ll get the results!

Elder High is an anointed musician and minister now living in Marietta Georgia. He has spent the last 9 years studying the Word of God in preparation of this book. In 2004 God spoke to him inquiring how many worship services had he attended in his life.

Elmus replied by stating that over the years he had attended thousands of worship services.

The Lord then replied; “how many worship services have you attended that I actually recognized as true worship?” Needless to say, Elder High could not answer the question posed to him. From that point, God began to share several revelations with him; thus instructing him what to write. He was led to John 4: 23, 24 where the scripture explains that the Father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. He discovered there’s an order to worshipping God!

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