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ZeruZeru was real. He was the devil. The asp in the garden of goodness and life. The thing under the bed, except it didn’t wait for the lights to go off or the covers to surround you. Only one thing rode with ZeruZeru where ever he went — Death. And now he was here, selling a terrifying new prescription Opioid named Messiah in the city and nothing was going to stop him. Not the drug gangs, the police, the Mayor or even the State's Governor. There was only one unknown force. One unaccounted variable.

The sexy iron-willed shadow warrior former CIA/JSOC Operative known only as Jack Brown. A primal force chiseled by Egyptian Gods and honed by the Uncle Sam, he answers only to the Governor. Like the Samurai of old, JB is feared by both the gangs and the police, his allegiance only to the protection of the weak. Immediately as the investigation begins, Jack and his equally mysterious and reclusive female handler Serena Noelle Hayes known as Command, are suddenly threatened by a deadly force from Jack's CIA Special Forces past. The murderous Ex-SAS mercenary Manchester and a children's fairy tale the agency referred to only as ZeruZeru . As thoughts of that past invade his present, Jack is forced to come to terms with the deep feelings he has for the Governor, the cunning and sexy, Angela Ali-White and his purely physical, but necessary encounters with the fiery, narcissistic Olivia Hayes. Increasingly the ever maddening love triangle threatens his number one charge, to protect the city at any cost.

As the mystery of Messiah widens and the deepening involvement of the cities political establishment starts to come into focus, Jack Brown struggles to decipher the difference between friend or foe, fearing that Messiah may not only be a result of a CIA mission gone wrong six years earlier, but also from a flawed experiment involving Serena, known simply as CTRL ALT DELETE.

Messiah's powerful grip tightens, as Jack is forced to confront a past life an ocean away, a love denied and the revelation that not only may the most pivotal moment of his past be a part of the new mystery, but those his cares for and has sworn to protect in the present. Unsure if the politicians that protect him, including Angela can be trusted or the new soldiers that fight by his side, Jack and Command must rely on all their skills to survive and protect the city and people they love.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 17
Joddy Eric Matthews
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