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World bestseller, translated into 37 languages, Metro 2033 is a breathtaking story of a post-apocalyptic survival of thousands of people trapped in the subway of Moscow after the WWIII. This critically acclaimed dystopia also inspired two cult video games: METRO 2033 and METRO LAST LIGHT, has created an entire sub-culture and is followed by millions of fans throughout the globe.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 3
Dmitry Glukhovskiy
Dmitry Glukhovskiy

Customer Reviews

Cpncrunch ,


One star for the non adjustable font size. I always read on my iPhone and this is impossible to read.
Edit: I finally got an iPad and was able to read this book, and I’m glad I did. The non adjustable font size is still an issue but the story is great, it’s no wonder they made a game set in this world.

JamesOfApple ,

No cheeki breeki, good book

Metro 2033 is a wonderfully constructed novel written by excellent storyteller, Dmitri Glukhovski. It follows Artyom, a 20 year old boy, who finally breaks free from his station, where he has spent a good 15 years of his life. He is no bold action hero, however, but he is a cautious, but adventurous character, looking to explore the world around him. His mission is to deliver what Hunter, a bold man who protects the metro, has entrusted him with to give to his companions. He discovers the violent, and ultimately self-destructive instincts of men, and the strange activities that go on within and without the metro. He meets strange and interesting people who try to help him or in a worse case, themselves.

I found I couldn’t put this book down, it was very interesting and emotional. The book itself, however does have issues, the publishers of this copy made the book in such a format that you cannot change color, font, font size. But this is one of the few online copies I could find that was in English.

!!\\\\////TO THE PUBLISHERS:\\\\////!!

Could you please publish English translations of Metro 2034, 2035?
I, and likely others, will buy them from you.

Jacob the Bruce ,


Shallow writing with no depth. Weak attempt at a twist at the end. Uninteresting characters. Vague and uninteresting antagonists.
Protagonist is basically a blank slate.

My score:9%
Would not recommend.

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