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Some vampires have trouble figuring out how to spend eternity.
Dead sexy playboy Michael Odell thinks he knows exactly what he wants, though. Fine wines and beautiful women fuel his passion and he's made it his mission to sample as many of either as he can.

He's on his way home one night when he discovers a woman lying discarded in the street. She's quickly losing the fight to live. There's only one way of saving her: the Ritual. This little act of mercy is going to change his afterlife forever... He couldn't possibly be falling for the curvy stranger fate put in his path, could he?

Dying is easy. Immortality, not so much.
Anna doesn't know how she ended up in that dark alley, knocking on death's door. She doesn't even remember her last name. After coming face-to-face with her gorgeous rescuer, she passes out again and finds herself in a lavish mansion with a new lease on eternal life. 

Who - or more importantly, what - is she now? And who was trying to kill her and why? Anna is determined to figure it all out for herself. But before her questions are answered, she has to learn that even in this new immortal existence, it's good to have friends - and perhaps a lover - by your side.

Can Anna accept this new reality and join the dark world of the Vampires of London?
Could you? 

All books in the Vampires of London series are standalone and can be read out of order. If you'd like to start at the beginning, though, please check out Alexander's Blood Bride.

February 23
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GmaLeena ,


Michael's Soul Mate (Vampires of London #2) by Lorelei Moone
• Trouble
Michael felt uncomfortable all evening, but couldn't figure out why. It wasn't the party or people that had him feeling this way, he just had a growing uneasiness feeling in his chest that he could no longer ignore. So he left the party earlier than he usually did, alone. While walking on his way home, he found a woman in an alley who had been drained, by another vampire and close to death. Who would do something like this, to someone as beautiful as her? *Killing was against the rules. And discarding a drained body out in public where it could so easily be discovered? That was sacrilege.(direct book quote*). Acting on instinct, he bit his own wrist and put it to her mouth and told her to drink. When she finally did, he bit into her wrist, drinking a small taste of her blood. Which completed the cycle, the Ritual was done. He'd created another vampire—tried to, anyway, they'd know for sure the following night. Now things would forever change.
Anna awoke in a strange room feeling like she'd been hit by a bus, wearing an old fashioned type nightgown with no memory of how she got there, and initially no memory of her own name. Even though the room was dark, she could still clearly see her surroundings, including the details of the picture frame across the room. Her sense of smell was heightened as well. Then she heard the muffled voices of two men, they must be in the next room. Before going to investigate the voices Anna ended up biting her lip, when she looked into the mirror she noticed how much longer and razor sharp her canine teeth were. Had these men done something to her teeth before bringing her there? Her mind must be playing tricks on her, right now she needed to figure out where and why she was there!
When Michael noticed Anna was awake he tried and failed miserably to explain what had happened to her. *Something about her threw him off balance. He'd lost not just his game, but his entire sense of self around her. It was infuriating.(*direct book quote). Anna couldn't believe what he was telling her, she's a vampire?!? No way, they don't exist! Anna is finally starting to get it, but not only does Michael have to teach her how to be a vampire but now they have the people that did this to her in the beginning to worry about.
To find out what happens between Michael and Anna you'll have to read MICHAEL'S SOUL MATE. I've enjoyed reading this series, and cannot wait for book 3 LUCILLE'S VALENTINE in February 2017 to be available. All books, including this one, in the Vampires of London series are standalone and can be read out of order. I received an ARC via IndieSage in exchange for an honest blog tour review.

straighttalker198 ,

And what??

Short and not good

Book Nook Nuts ,

Hilarious and Sexy !

We met Michael back in book 1 of this series. He is one hilarious vampire. Well Fate has something up her sleeve for this playboy. Enter Anna whom he finds one night lying almost dead after being attacked but by what? All Michael knows is he feels a pull towards this female and rescues her or does he? Michael carries so much guilt that it almost costs him this woman two times.

I enjoyed this story. Anna is a firecracker for sure and well Michael is Michael and if not for his good friend Alexander he would likely have lost the one thing that was meant for his.

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