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The closer she gets to justice, the further she gets from the law. 

“Fantastic read. Edge of your seat stuff.” 5 stars, Alan Thomas Langridge

Essential reading for fans of Lee Child, Stieg Larsson, Vince Flynn, John Sandford, David Baldacci, James Patterson… anyone who loves lightning-paced plots with Jack Reacher-style action.


A blood-soaked body hangs in an alley like the victim of a psycho in a horror movie. Investigating the gruesome murder, ex-assassin Tess Williams stalks the shadowy streets of Manhattan, hunting the savage killer who butchered his lover in a jealous rage. It’s an open and shut case. Be over in no time. Or so she thinks.

Tess uses her lethal combat skills, street savvy, and computer hacking expertise to close in on the monster that all the evidence points to as being the murderer. Unfortunately, this mystery runs far deeper and far darker than Tess could ever imagine, so the killer eludes her. The only truth she uncovers is a secret about herself that even she didn’t know existed – one fatal weakness.

On the brink of a catching her prey, Tess, the seemingly unstoppable killing-machine, grinds to a standstill.

Trapped and defenseless, Tess is thrust into a nail-biting, life-or-death struggle with a killer as fiendish as he is deadly. There’s no way out.

Tonight, someone will die. But who?

“I love this series of books. Tess is the personification of angst, fury, passion, sensibility, regret and determination. She is what lies hidden in the dark recesses of our minds.” 5 stars, Teresa Hi 

If you love a troubled hero with a dark past, love a lone warrior who'll risk everything to protect the innocent and avenge the dead, you MUST READ this series! 


You can get Angel of Darkness Black File 04 through this book as my gift (see the Table of Contents for details). 

Can I read the series in any order? 

Each book is a self-contained story, so they can be read out of sequence (with the possible exception of Nightmare’s Rage and Shanghai Fury).

However, small subplots run through the series to make it more fun, so you’ll enjoy it far more if you read the books in order (these threads come together later in the series). But this is only a suggestion.

WARNING – Miss Marple it ain’t! 

Angel of Darkness action-packed thrillers are NOT cozy mysteries, but noir and hardboiled violent crime fiction, so expect occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. It is novella-length fiction. 

“Super series – fast paced, suspenseful, action packed, and great characters!” 5 stars, Sheryl Painter 

If you love female assassins, love action-packed mystery and suspense, love a dark hero battling overwhelming odds in the name of true justice, you MUST READ this series!

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October 15
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MakenItEasy ,

Midnight Burn by Steve N Lee

Here we are again with another skillfully written book from Steve N Lee. Midnight Burn show cases Mr.Lee’s skills as an Author as he builds scenes that embed in the mind of the reader and leads them through instance and compelling moments in a plot that thickens nicely throughout the book. Action packed and thrilling and the readers are lost is the drama, feeling like they are there.
HIGHLY RECOMMEND Midnight Burn!!!!

Sifi troll ,

Morning burn

Fast paced lots of action believable characters

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