Midnight Days

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My instincts warned me that Alex Volkov is a dangerous man. My mind told me to run when he set his sights on me with unfaltering determination. It’s not that I didn’t try to resist, but Alex had a game plan. He was always one step ahead of me, skillfully drawing me deeper into his web. Even when he gave me freedom, it was only an illusion.

Now, even that illusion has vanished. I’m his prisoner in the truest sense of the word, whisked away to Russia on his private plane. I no longer have a say, not while our lives are at risk, and maybe never again. Our story balances on a thin edge between disaster and happiness. With each day that passes, I grow less certain of which side the coin will land on… or if we’ll even survive.

Note: This is the conclusion of Alex and Kate's story.

November 16
Grey Eagle Publications
Grey Eagle Publications LLC

Customer Reviews

Justirishgirl ,

enjoyed for the most part

For the most part I enjoyed this story. It included elements that I want in a romance book. A jealous, possessive, and protective hero. No cheating and no sex with OP after meeting. Hot sexy times. Drama and suspense. HEA ending with an epilogue.

There were only a few things that I didn't like about the story. For one it occasionally dragged. At times it included mundane details that took me out of the story, like details about the food being eaten including vegan yogurt or the things that Kate did on a daily basis while she was bored and in captivity.

Also while I liked that the story had an HEA ending with an epilogue, the epilogue was too long for me. It seemed to drag as well. It would have been better if it had only been a few pages and didn't include another sex scene. I am not a clean romance girl and so I want romance books to include sexy times. However I don't need or even want them included in the epilogue.

panzergirl68 ,

Midnight Days

Great book! Alex and Katherine have a heated but dangerous romance. Good plot development and suspense.

Care32 ,

Soooo good!

This book truly tugged at my emotional strings. Anna sent me on a roller coaster of emotions. I was angry, sad, happy, and wanted so bad to fight for Kate’s needs. Man o man, Alex was such a stubborn, chauvinistic, non-listening, non-trusting fool. When a book make you want to slap the male lead into reality, you know it’s a really great book. Major claps for Kate sticking up for herself from time to time. The main message I took away from this book was that honesty gains trust. Way to go Anna, you never disappoint. Awesome read, can’t wait for what’s next!

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