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A woman on the edge…

Museum collections specialist Sienna Aubrey is desperate. A prehistoric Iñupiat mask in her client’s collection is haunted, and it wants her to return it to Alaska…now. Tormented to her breaking point, she steals it. But when she arrives in the remote Alaskan village, the tribal representative refuses to take the troublesome mask off her hands. Even worse, the manipulative artifact pulls the infuriating man into her dream, during which she indulges in her most secret fantasies with him.

A man in search of the truth… 

Assistant US Attorney Rhys Vaughan came to the Arctic Circle to prove someone tried to murder his cousin. When Sienna shows up at his cousin’s office with the local tribe’s most sacred artifact, she becomes his prime suspect. Then the mask delivers him into Sienna’s hot, fantasy-laden dream, and his desire to investigate her takes an entirely different turn. 

An artifact seeking justice…

But the mask has an agenda, and it’s not to play matchmaker. If Sienna doesn’t do what the artifact wants, she may pay the ultimate price, and only Rhys can save her.

March 1
Janus Publishing
Rachel Grant

Customer Reviews

Cynthia0o ,

this author always manages to bring in her background of archeology into all her books

Sienna Aubrey travels to the Bering Straits with a mask she had stolen from the museum she was working for as a Native American Graves Repatriation Act specialist. She knew the mask belong to the Itqaklut tribe and that it had been stolen and wants to return it to the tribe even knowing she was breaking the law. The mask itself also seemed to have a strange effect on her causing nightmares and strange premonitions. She hoped that bringing it back to where it belonged would stop all of that. Sienna mistakes Rhys Vaughan for his cousin who doesn’t correct her as Chuck is in the hospital after someone tried to kill him. Rhys thinks Sienna might have something to do with it or at least knows who does and he wants to find out what he can from her. The mask causes these two to have some erotic dreams together. The rest of the story is figuring out what the mask really wants and why someone wanted to kill Chuck. Even though it was an erotic short – this author always manages to bring in her background of archeology into all her books and some true life history.

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