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Milked by the Mad Scientist

Number 8 didn't know what she was in for when she volunteered for Dr. Haros' chair. He was a madman wielding science in a war against nature, aided by the mindless muscle of Man Hammer and the gentle touch of young Jonny. Number 8 discovers that the changes to her body were dwarfed by those of her sensibilities.

“You are number eight. You have the privilege of being part of a great scientific adventure. You are going to provide me with the natural building blocks needed for humanity to drop the shackles of evolution. You will help give rise to a new race of people. I will turn you into the kind of woman that is not shackled by nature’s limited imagination. And you will feel what no woman has felt.”

Billionaire Betrayal

Number 8 is a woman without a past, transformed by science gone mad, with a body created only to take pleasure and give life.

Number 8 met eccentric billionaire Mr. Tarus, and now she’s kept as livestock, serviced by Mr. Tarus’ eager staff.

Is Mr. Tarus driven only by an interest in raw natural foods? Or is he ruled by some secret unnatural desire? Find out what happens when Mr. Tarus double crosses the wrong people, and what Mrs. Tarus does to even the score.

Amazon for the Arabs

Number 8 is a woman without a past. Her body has been transformed by science gone mad and a series of passionate workouts with the mindless brute Man Hammer. The bizarre tenets of a foreign dictator's religion require women to produce milk on demand, and Number 8 is the perfect demonstration model for Dr. Haros' advancements. But she demonstrates even more to the dictator's private guard, and finds out what the First Lady of Arabistan is hiding under her burqa.

Chained & Drained

Brian lost his job and his boyfriend, but when he met Jonny he found more than he could have ever imagined. He was given the opportunity to turn his body over to science, over to Dr. Haros, a madman waging a war against nature. Once in Dr. Haros’ chair, he not only got a new body, he found a new life, while Jonny and the mindless brute Man Hammer found a new plaything.

Fiction & Literature
November 3
VC Hammond
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