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Kyle's sexy next door neighbor Mrs. Jameson, a hot young trophy wife, has just had a baby and now needs help around the house. It's the perfect summer job before college, until Kyle ends up getting paid with a lot more than cash!

Mrs. Jameson's lactating breasts are out of control, constantly leaking and squirting streams of sweet delicious milk. Kyle, a male virgin overcome with lust, can't help stealing a few sips while she sleeps. But when Mrs. Jameson's super-sensitive breasts awaken her, Kyle's amazed to find out how generous with her milk a new mother can be!

This 7000 word erotic story contains explicit scenes of uncontrollable lactation from a mother's milk-swollen breasts, baby breastfeeding, adult breastfeeding, milking a sleeping woman, lactation sex, milking sex, and a mother's sensitive lactating breasts being suckled by an eager and horny male virgin!


"Not a lot of people know this," Lana murmured, "but nursing is actually a little bit of a turn-on."

I swallowed. "Wow. Um, really?"

"I was so surprised at first—thought something was wrong with me. But it makes sense. I'm pretty sensitive normally, but it's on overdrive now. Anything touching my breasts is incredibly stimulating. Sometimes when Mr. Jameson gets home he barely has time to get in the door before I'm all over him. It's torture during the day."

I felt kind of like I was under torture myself. "Gosh," I said, stupidly. I couldn't imagine fifty year old Mr. Jameson, with his gray hair and paunchy belly, keeping up with her.

She laughed. "I'm embarrassing you again. Sorry." She glanced up at me through her long eyelashes. "And—oh! Here I go exposing myself again as well. You must be getting quite a view from up there."

I tried to be cool about it, but the playful chuckle I attempted came out high-pitched and shaky. "I don't mind."

"Well, good, because if you keep looking you'll see even more. Time to switch."

And just like that, she pulled the baby away from one breast and moved him to the other.

And then didn't bother covering up the first one.

Oh, God. Oh, f**k!

I could see everything now. The curving expanse of her gorgeous, completely bare breast. The tip, flushed dark and perky from nursing Oscar. It was also glistening wet from Oscar's mouth, making me think of my own tongue licking her there.

And then, as I watched, a droplet of milk leaked from the tip, suspended there like a forbidden morsel....

Fiction & Literature
June 19
Lyla Luray
Draft2Digital, LLC

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