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This bundle collects the first three stories of the Milky Daze Farm series!

Milky Daze Farm:

After a wrong turn on the way to the flea market, Tess finds herself stranded in almost the middle of nowhere. Luckily, she finds her way to a little farm nestled at the end of a dirt road - where she's welcomed in by a woman all too willing to help her out.

Things get weird fast, though, as the milk in her tea leaves Tess feeling tired and horny, and the woman is all too eager to bundle her into bed with a glass of warm milk - and when she awakes, Tess finds her breasts have swelled up full with milk of her own! It doesn't take long for the woman to reveal her plans - to use Tess as a human milk cow, and have her bred by the ranch's young farmhand!

Warning! This adult's only story contains 5,224 words of breast expansion, lactation, suckling and milking, breeding and light elements of what might be mind control ... unless this really is what Tess wants!


Milky Daze Farm 2: The New Cowgirl:

After her parents sell off the family farm, Laura's desperate to find a new job so she can keep doing farm work and stay near where she grew up. Getting hired on to help with the milking at Milky Daze Farm seems like a dream come true, especially since room and board are included. There's only one problem: Milky Daze Farm doesn't have any cattle.

Not any real ones, that is. Some special milk increases the size of Laura's bust and has her lactating in no time, and before she knows it, she's being ordered to join the farm's herd - and can't quite bring herself to resist, especially not with how persuasive the farmhand Bobby's touch can be ... Will she escape, or is Laura doomed to spend her days as a human milk cow?


Milky Daze Farm 3: In the Barn:

Kelly's glad her friend Laura got a job at Milky Daze Farm, until she realizes she hasn't heard from her friend in weeks. Worried, she decides to sneak down to the farm while the owners are busy at the town farmer's market to investigate. She finds her friend safe and sound in the barn - only Laura's pretending to be a cow, and begs Kelly to milk her.

Obliging her friend's request feels harmless, until the ranch's farmhand Bobby catches her at it and offers her a choice: become a human dairy cow just like Laura, or else! Little does he know, Kelly is more than willing to oblige.

Fiction & Literature
June 14
Claire Linden
Draft2Digital, LLC

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