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With Jimmy constantly in her thoughts, Sarah sees her life through a fogged lens; it is faint, faded, muddled. She is merely going through the motions. After much thought, she decides to go into space, in pursuit of Jimmy. Yes, he's in prison, but Sarah thinks he will get out early.

She needs to find him, to get back together with him. It is a life imperative – she pursues it because she cannot do otherwise.

But how to do it?

A space school located on a distant orbital platform, devoted to training pilots and other space workers, offers an opportunity. Perfect! Everyone is screaming for space workers. Even if she fails to get together with Jimmy, space could be a great place to live and work. Yes, it is dangerous. But it is beautiful too. And the best people are out there. So Sarah goes to school on her way to a life in space.

Jimmy continues his apprenticeship as a space worker, learning under the direction of a relentless AI named Elise. He flirts with death several times. On a mission into the nebula, he discovers how easy it is to get lost in all those unchartable stars. Later he makes his first large rescue, pulling off a ridiculous, hair-brained, technological stunt to rescue a ship full of people about to die in the nebula.

Having again outwitted the Space Fiend, he patents the stunt.

Jimmy and Sarah in their own ways, on their different paths, encounter death in the cold vacuum of space. They learn the hard lesson – unlike the Gods, the Black does not forgive those who know not what they do.

The story continues in Milky Way March. 

April 2
Red Frog Books Company
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