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Action and suspense await the reader in this young adult sci-fi mystery…

When Della’s foster father is murdered, she leaves their tough life of
the Dark Domes on the planet Sanctuary, vowing to find his killer. The
fourteen-year-old girl learns to use her psi powers and makes new friends
among normals, humans as well as ETs and androids, all of them helping
her with her quest.

The reclusive and ageless A. B. Carolan lives in Donegal, Ireland, where
he spends most of his time writing stories for young adults and adults
who are young at heart. There are rumors in Donegal that A. B. was
raised by leprechauns. He says they like to joke a lot there. Other rumors
in the Donegal area saying that he’s a distant relative of the great Irish
harpist and composer Turlough O’Carolan are more believable—he loves
O’Carolan’s music. He is good friends with author Steven M. Moore and
communicates with his American friend a lot, as all good collaborators
must do. Readers can reach him via the contact page at Steve’s website,

What one reviewer said about the author’s previous book, The Secret of
the Urns:
“A. B. Carolan creates a story of a young girl approaching adulthood
on a remote world. Ignored somewhat by her human family, she seeks
friendship with the native Fistian culture, and has a best friend among
them. The book is an interesting read for young adults and somewhat
older adults.... It is a tale of good and bad, and cultural perceptions and
differences. A good story and message in our current times.”—Debra
Miller in her Amazon review.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 12
A.B. Carolan
Smashwords, Inc.

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