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Marjorie is in over her head in a big way. All she wants for Christmas is a safe way out of her undercover gig for the FBI, but with no back-up and no hope for extraction, she's set to get nothing but a bullet this holiday. Unless she calls him. The one-man she's always wanted by her side and in her bed.

Elias has come to terms with his life. He isn't where he expected himself to be, but working with Aegis Group still allows him be a behind-the-scenes hero. Too bad Christmas is full of nothing but ghosts from his past...until he gets her call. Marjorie was always forbidden fruit and now she's calling him for help.

Two friends reunite under the guise of a simple holiday favor, but things quickly take a dangerous turn as Marjorie's target aims his sights on her. And the only thing standing in their way is Elias. This Christmas, passion will ignite a new fire as the enemies close in.

Body of Danger

Heart of Danger

Spirit of Danger

Mind of Danger

Aegis Group

Dangerous Attraction

Dangerous in Training

Dangerous Games

Dangerous Assignment

Dangerous Protector

Dangerous Secrets

Dangerous Betrayal

Dangerous Heat

Dangerous Connections

Dangerous Exposure (coming soon)

More soon!

Aegis Group Task Force: an Aegis Group spin-off

First Risk (newsletter exclusive short story)

Stolen Risk

Forged Risk

Technical Risk

Necessary Risk

Necessary Risk

Intercepted Risk (2021)

Targeted Risk (2021)

Hard Risk (TBA)

Burned Risk (TBA)

Final Risk (TBA)

Aegis Group Dangerous Ladies: an Aegis Group spin-off

Just Business

Just Friends (TBA)

Just Casual (TBA)

Aegis Group Alpha Team: an Aegis Group spin-off

Dangerous in Love

Dangerous in Action

Dangerous in Transit

Dangerous in Motion

Dangerous in Charge

Aegis Group Lepta Team: an Aegis Group spin-off

Dangerously Taken

Dangerously Involved

Dangerously Deceived

Dangerously Broken

Dangerously Entwined

November 17
Inked Press
Inked Press

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