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Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis is the only hypnosis book written specifically for the erotic hypnosis community. It is a step-by-step guide into the world of erotic hypnosis, written by someone who has been doing, teaching, and writing about erotic hypnosis for 15 years.

If you have never hypnotized (or been hypnotized) before, Mind Play will teach you all of the basics, from pre-talk through modalities and into inductions, deepeners, and emerging. You will be able to get someone into trance and back out, or understand how someone else can get you into trance and back out. If you have experience as a hypnotist, you will learn new inductions and deepeners to add to your toolbox.

Next Mind Play covers the important things you need to know to design and give your hypnotized partner suggestions. You'll learn the secrets of effective suggestion wording and read examples of how to make suggestions work more consistently and safely when you play.

A large chapter of Mind Play is dedicated to showing you how to do the most asked-about erotic hypnosis tricks: creating arousal and desire, sensation play, freeze/mannequin/robot/puppet play, hypno-bondage/spanking/flogging, hypnotic role playing, memory play, and of course the most popular trick, the hypnotic orgasm. Wiseguy explains how each trick can be done and gives example suggestions for each, along with tips for variations you may enjoy and safety considerations. There is plenty here for all skill levels from novice to expert.

Finally, the book concludes with a chapter on more resources for learning, practice, and inspiration.

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July 11
Mark Wiseman
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