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If you’re tired of an ordinary life, working a 9-5, never making enough money, never having enough time to enjoy your life - this book is for you! This book serves as a guide for ambitious women to create a life that they absolutely love and DESERVE! Through self-love, empowerment, the laws of attraction, spirituality, & various visualization techniques, I teach & motivate anyone to acquire the proper mindset in order to achieve success in all areas of their lives. 

Ch 2 Self Love

If you’re having issues with loving yourself and feeling empowered as a woman, this chapter helps you acquire the mindset of self love, confidence, personal style, posture, countenance and sex appeal.

Ch 3 Wealth & Prosperity

If you have goals to live a more fruitful life, money, success, giving, and adopting a wealthy mindset is covered in this chapter.

Ch 4 Relationships

If relationships are currently an issue for you, this chapter covers friendships, attracting love, and how to deal with breakups and infidelity.

Ch 5 Personal Development

Making decisions and coming into new self are a vital element toward asking for what you want. This chapter covers how best to prep your day before it starts, how to make more productive choices, and helps you to understand yourself as a co-creator.

Ch 6 How-To Create Your Reality

After you’ve figured out what you want, it’s time to go get it! This chapter covers the various ways you can incorporate what you’ve learned in the previous chapters into your ideal reality.

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Health, Mind & Body
July 1
Ivy Ejam
Ivy Ejam

Customer Reviews

Lexi1x ,

Such a great read

I’ve been following Ivy on Instagram for a while now, soaking up her positive inspiration for women everywhere. When this eBook came out I didn’t hesitate to purchase and it didn’t let me down! A great read for anyone needing some inspiration, self-love or motivation in their life.

Alexis Meads

Key❤️ ,

Every woman should read this amazing book!!

Such a great book!! Thank you Ivy Ejam for your time and dedication. For sharing this with all of your sisters about there! #Love # Respect💋💕