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Mint the miraculous herb, and more than 30 Ways to use it, is an introduction to the numerous uses of Mint, one of the most famous herbs around the world! Mint has multiple properties and benefits, and has been used since the ancient times.
Over the centuries, Mint has often been called as the "oldest medicine in the world" or “the miraculous herb”. Today, it still remains one of the most beloved herbs worldwide.
The ancient Greeks believed that mint refreshes the mind, cures headaches and cools the blood.
The admiration of mint was common in ancient Rome as well. The Romans used it to flavour their food, and washed their bodies with mint scented water.
In the Middle Ages it was used by the monks both in cooking and for its healing properties.
Mint is so greatly beloved and widespread in the Arab world, that people use to swear in the name of it. Its Arabic name means “gift of Allah”
The Chinese used the wild mint of fields since the ancient times
In Europe, the cultivation of mint was developed after the 18th century, when the English began to grow it in the outskirts of London.
Mint is used widely in cooking, wine and pharmaceutical products. Yet today, due to the mass production of the industrial products, synthetic fragrance is often used instead of the original mint essential oil.
So, in this short Mint Usage Guide, you will find some of the most known and useful applications of mint. It might also stimulate your mind to invent more ways to apply and use it, but most of all you will learn how this wonderful herb can benefit and serve you!

September 7
Evagelia Karageorge
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