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Missed Opportunities: Rethinking Catholic Tradition opens up a dialogue between the official teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the challenges the contemporary world presents to that institutions tradition of moral doctrines. It grounds this dialogue on a re-examination of the foundational issues of church reform and the many ways that the church teaches. Then Missed Opportunities turns its attention to a sequence of complex issues.

Resting his analysis upon research and a half-centurys experience with the educational programs of the Roman Catholic Church, Gabriel Moran, a retired professor of educational philosophy, sets the groundwork and then examines a variety of connected issues, including birth and death, abortion, the natural world, suffering and pain, nonviolence, grief and mourning, issues of human sexuality, responsibility, environmentalism, and religious education.

Missed Opportunities: Rethinking Catholic Tradition guides readers through the depths of the societal challenges facing the Roman Catholic Church. By looking carefully at the nature of Catholic tradition and reconsidering how to bring that tradition into conversation with contemporary issues, Missed Opportunities proposes a pathway for the church to follow to undergo an honest and thorough reform, to regain its credibility in the midst of a society grown dubious, and to speak to todays issues in a voice consonant with the best resources in the Catholic tradition.

Religion & Spirituality
February 19

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jotness ,

There is hope--a review of Moran's Missed Opportunities

I have to admit I have been positively influenced by Gabriel Moran' thought my whole professional (and personal) life since the early '60s. In "Missed Opportunities" Moran continues to illuminate contemporary issues through the analysis of language usage in light of quite insightful historical and cultural scholarship. I find many correlated points of contact with what my own "amateur" study of Bernard Lonergan has convinced me as true. I look forward, even now at 75, to make a difference by incorporating the insights developed here as I continue my diaconal ministry. Joe Forgue, Colorado

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