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Fighting for redemption . . .

I've lived most of my life in darkness, beneath the shadows of secrets and addictions. The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt the only girl I'd ever loved—the one who brought me into the light. In my entire life I'd made one promise—a promise I'd intended to keep. I've broken that promise and now I have to live with the fallout. Dixie Lark hates me, and I have to tell her that I love her. I also have to tell her a truth that might destroy us forever.

Can she love me, even if she can't forgive me?

Learning to move on . . .

Gavin Garrison broke his promise to my brother and he broke my heart in the process.I may never love anyone the way I've loved him, but at least I won't spend my life wondering "what if." We had our one night and he walked away. I'm beginning to move on, but my brother's wedding and a battle of the bands are about to throw us together again.

Our band is getting a second chance, but I don't know if I can give him one. How do you hand your heart back to the person who set it on fire once already?

October 27
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Customer Reviews

Pmorrislhp ,

Missing Dixie

I have been waiting for this book for forever! I have been Missing Dixie and Gavin since I turned the last page of Leaving Amarillo. Their story is fantastic, the Neon Dreams series is fantastic! The author writes characters you can feel and become absorbed in. The story of Dixie and Gavin is an intense one - sad, sexy, amazing, and heartbreaking. Over and over. Every girl wants some Dixie in her, and fantasizes for a Gavin in their life. I love this author. She is amazingly talented and the story she crafts are something else. Thank you CQ.

Birch Fam ,

Perfect End

Simply Amazing! Everything about this book is amazing, from the confidence that Dixie has gained since the first book to the deeper look at the real Gavin to the wonderfulness that is Liam. Missing Dixie is the perfect way to end this great series. Caisey Quinn gives the readers so much emotion that it practically leaps of the page. As you read you can’t help but root for Dixie and Gavin as both individuals and as a couple not mention rooting for Leaving Amarillo to finally make it. Quinn delivers on every level giving readers and the characters perfect moments of humor, music, soul, and hope. I’m usually a little sad when a series that I’ve loved so much ends, but Quinn does such a fabulous job of creating the perfect happily ever after that I closed the book with the happiest of sighs.

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