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Deciding on a lifestyle change is a big deal. The website agreensetup.com is about lifestyle change jumpstarts. Almost like the spring season starting up new green life into apparently dead leaves, you can also start up a lifestyle change with excitement. All the series of episodes on the website are about real life and events that were actually lived, NOT academic or theoretical ‘how to’ bullet points. Just real life events of ways new lifestyle changes were started. Ways much more exciting and adventurous than sitting at a desk and planning in a vacuum. 

If you enjoy highly visual content and colour to really see how someone else lived it, these series are what you should get.

I was sitting on the beach under a palm tree in Vietnam this time. It was sweltering hot already even though it was still morning. I’d just been refreshed by the coolness of a swim in the South China Sea. A soft breeze ruffled the palm’s feathers. The breeze reminded me of the Mediterranean summer swims I enjoyed in Spain after walking the dogs in the fields close to my abode. Some ideas for a new series in Spain started taking shape at a Cafè close to that beach with the palm tree. 

This ‘Mission in the Costa Del Sol’ is a three episode series taking you through the experience of starting a lifestyle change. Although lifestyle changes are all about you, volunteering for a somewhat self-less act, in this case, helping someone else who had decided on a lifestyle change herself, can open up your mind in more ways than one.

The ‘Kick-off’ episode sets the scene for the volunteering experience - details of what I was there for and you’ll meet Bob as well.

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February 5
Paul Simonis

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