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The pathfinder, Shea, has chosen to make a place for herself among her former captors, leaving behind her people and the life she once knew. However, not all welcome this outsider in their midst. Shea will find that surviving alone in the wilderness is child’s play next to navigating the politics that come with her new position. Especially when it becomes evident that there are those out for her blood.

As a new danger looms on the horizon, Shea and her warlord will need all the allies they can find. Because something is stirring in the barren lands from which all beasts are born. Something old and not seen since the last cataclysm.

Can Shea protect her people from this new threat or will it be the dangers from within her own inner circle that destroy her?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 28
T.A. White
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

HLG33 ,

A Fitting Second Novel

I enjoyed books one and two enough to purchase the third - this author is creative with world building and writes flawed, believable characters. I didn’t always like them, but I needed to see their stories progress - the mark of a worthwhile storyteller, in my opinion. This addition to the story could accurately be described as a partial taming or the wild Shea, but she retains her fierceness despite that irritating - if eminently expected, and logical - turn.

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Just keeps getting better and better!

This has everything I loved in the first book and more. Now we get to see Fallon and Shae dealing with everything together as a couple. I absolutely adore how protective and possessive Fallon is of Shae. You really see how much he feels about her and would rather die than lose her.

I'm also loving how the some of the clans are realizing how special Shae is. Some are still stubborn, but the others are starting to realize how smart she is and have started to trust her.

There is just so many fascinating things happening in this series. This one ended on more of a cliffhanger than the first and I will be starting book two immediately. I'm pretty angry at her father and I'm very curious if Shae's people really are as cutthroat as they are being portrayed.

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