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Dirty cocktails, deadly enemies with a red-hot attraction, and one big, crazy, Greek family--what could possibly go wrong?

Hiring my brother’s best friend was not on my to-do list.
Neither was he.
Expanding my dirty cocktail bar into food was supposed to be easy, except finding a chef in my little town of Whiskey Key is anything but.
Until Parker Hamilton comes home—bringing his Michelin starred chef’s hat with him.
He has no work. I need someone like him in my new kitchen.
There’s just one problem: I hate his cocky, filthy-mouthed, sexy-as-hell guts.
Even if I might want him. Just a little…

Working for my best friend’s sister? Not on my to-do list.
She’s another story.
Whiskey Key was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, except I haven’t reached the heights I have by lying in a hammock drinking cocktails. So when Raven Archer is desperate for a chef, I offer up my skills.
I’m bored. She needs what I can give her.
Except there’s a problem: I’ve always hated her.
Her and her big, blue eyes, sassy mouth, and killer curves.
If only I didn’t want her.

April 18
Emma Hart
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Customer Reviews

Kleenex2213455890 ,

Cocktails, crazy family, and love are a great combo!

“Then this curveball happened. Now, I’m forced into spending more time with him than I’m truly comfortable with, and every time he switches that dumb little smile onto me, I’m not gonna lie, I get…tingly. I’m a woman. I have needs. I also have feels, and these feels are effed up.”
This book! I don’t know how Emma Hart always pulls me into her stories and makes me want to be a part of the worlds she creates. I seriously find myself laughing out loud, crying, and having way too many feels for one story. This is yet another one of those books.

Parker and Raven have been fighting for years. Both are accomplished in their careers, share mutual friends, and are full of clever comebacks. The minute that Parker begins his tenure in Raven’s bar… well, let’s just say “sparks flying” isn’t a strong enough phrase. At every turn they seemed to be fighting one another, disagreeing about something, or just generally causing the other some level of discomfort or annoyance. I loved every minute of it!

Raven’s family is AMAZING! I love how they’re all busybodies, but they mean well. Also, it was interesting to see Greek culture added into a book. I’ve read a lot of fun families, but this one is unique. Also, the cocktails featured in this book sound delicious! I found myself highlighting many of the ingredients so I could suggest them to the drink mixing friends!

This is a great story. It made me laugh, drew me in, and it made my heart feel full. I’m glad I finally got the chance to read Raven’s story. A definite must read.

dcjayhawk ,

Super fun summer read!!

Parker & Raven's witty hate-banter is absolutely fantastic and literally had me laughing out loud! Raven's crazy Greek family is seriously too much for words. Her mom being best friends with Parker's mom makes everything that much more entertaining; especially when they team up and play detective because they think Parker & Raven are secretly together!
If you're looking for a light-hearted, low angst, fun summer read, look no further; this is it!

Kristie Koste ,

Emma Hart is a master at sexy, fun, and sinfully sweet romance...

Mixed Up
By: Emma Hart

4.5 Star Review by Kristie K

Emma Hart is a master at sexy, fun, and sinfully sweet romance with decadent humor, and incredible characters…

Mixed Up is another wonderful example of the fun, flirty, and hilarious writing style of Emma Hart. The cheeky quips, quick wit, and playful banter the characters share is classic and never gets old. Raven Archer is a strong heroine, independent, saucy, and strong willed. When she expands her bar to include a restaurant, the only thing missing is a chef. Her area of Whiskey Key doesn’t have many to choose from, and when push comes to shove she may just have to choose the one man she can’t stand to save her… Parker Hamilton is a Michelin star chef, and best friend to Raven’s brother. Back in Whiskey Key for vacation, he offers his services to Raven to help her out, despite their mutual hate for one another. Little do they know that their dislike for one another may turn into something more passionate than what they ever thought possible.

As with every Emma Hart novel I’ve had the pleasure of reading, this book has it all. A gorgeous cover, a blurb with a definite hook, and a story to keep you reading. Ms. Hart’s talent for fun, flirty, sweet and sexy is evident in every page, and I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

Kristie K

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