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In his first battle with the great white whale, Captain Ahab lost his leg. Living with the constant reminder of his failure, Ahab gathers a second expedition, with the singular purpose of hunting and killing the beast that crippled him. Told from the perspective of crew-member Ishmael, the hunt for Moby Dick leads the crew ever further from civilization and deeper into the madness of their vengeful captain. At once a rousing adventure, a thorough examination of the whaling industry, and a dramatic tragedy on par with Shakespeare and the Greek playwrights, Moby Dick is the ultimate American literary epic.

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March 22
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$$$$$ dddddd ,


It's a very good book!

Menagene ,

Beyond what is great in book!

This book ls many things in a book. A historical novel with vivid descriptions of the hard work, and life threading perils of the work. It is also a multi dimensional love story between he author, the characters, and of course the whales.No movie, no play, nothing can bring the lives, work, characters, and the wonderful creatures they hunt for a living, for the challenge, like this book does. Herman Mellville brings to life al these elements in a way that no one else can do, whether it be a movie, play, or series. This a challenging book that must be read and experienced, yes... This book is an experience that one must use his dictionary and his or her Brian to fully understand. Itis a challenge not for the faint of heart! This book is passion and poetry, and great writing! It is a book to be experienced that will fill you with emotion, sadness, and joy, and so much emotion ! So dear reader, get out our dictionary and challenge your self! This is one of my greatest reading challenges and I am loving it!

Ur honey moon ,

Love love love love it!!!!!

What else can I say? I just love the fact that this precious novel that I've been trying to read since I first learn how to read and never could find it because everywhere I went, the book was sold out!! And I got soooo lucky I found this app!!! Now I can Cary my own library with me everywhere I go!!! And this is my dream book!!! Thanks god I found it!! Other thing I like about it is that is a copy of the original one. Same writing, same everything but from a different year. That's what makes it worth it!!!!

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