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The human body consists of two-thirds water.

As concertgoers on a steamy day in Boston find out, water can kill as much as it gives life.

A terrorist attack at City Hall Plaza has the authorities perplexed. The government, in response, sends in a capable but young agent – an agent born from the ashes of terrorism itself – to handle it.

But as her partner dies and the terrorist strikes again, Jaclyn Johnson – code named Snapshot – finds herself in a situation she has trained a decade to face: She’s up against a man with enough money to finance a war against his competition. With a deadline in place to stop him – and with a car holding enough hidden tricks to evade capture – Snapshot infiltrates his hidden installation and finds out her target’s true end game, a secret that could have the world fighting over water.

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 16
Sean Sweeney
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Mystical007 ,

How old is this author?

I have never read a book with so many adjectives that made no sense. The one thing I can say was good was the plot. I will not be recommending this book .

Papa to four ,


Not what I expected the main character was described well and the action was throughout the book

The book is believable and showed some of the political nuances that we have seen the past couple years hopefully truth will not come about

DeanandCath ,

Model Agent: A Thriller

I was disappointed in this book. The author overwhelms the reader with daunting descriptions of the scenery. It distracts the reader from the story. I think that the plot was good, but I kept finding myself bored trying to get through all of the details in the scenery. I stopped reading a couple hundred pages into it, because of it.

The other thing that didn't ring true for me was the reaction that people have to Agent Snapshot. Having worked as a professional model, I found it hard to believe that anyone would ever be able to look at a model, outside of the studio and assume that modeling was their profession based on beauty and the air of confidence they project. In my experience, there are many women in this country whom are not models, yet are beautiful, with enormous amount of confidence. Especially those whom are successful in whatever career they hav pursued. It just doesn't make sense. So, this issue, combined with the unnecessary and daunting description of the scenery, resulted in a complete lack of interest for me.

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