Modern DevOps Practices Modern DevOps Practices

Modern DevOps Practices

Implement and secure DevOps in the public cloud with cutting-edge tools, tips, tricks, and techniques

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Publisher Description

Enhance DevOps workflows by integrating the functionalities of Docker, Kubernetes, Spinnaker, Ansible, Terraform, Flux CD, CaaS, and more with the help of practical examples and expert tips

Key Features
Get up and running with containerization-as-a-service and infrastructure automation in the public cloudLearn container security techniques and secret management with Cloud KMS, Anchore Grype, and Grafeas KritisLeverage the combination of DevOps, GitOps, and automation to continuously ship a package of software
Book Description

Containers have entirely changed how developers and end-users see applications as a whole. With this book, you'll learn all about containers, their architecture and benefits, and how to implement them within your development lifecycle.

You'll discover how you can transition from the traditional world of virtual machines and adopt modern ways of using DevOps to ship a package of software continuously. Starting with a quick refresher on the core concepts of containers, you'll move on to study the architectural concepts to implement modern ways of application development. You'll cover topics around Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Packer, and other similar tools that will help you to build a base. As you advance, the book covers the core elements of cloud integration (AWS ECS, GKE, and other CaaS services), continuous integration, and continuous delivery (GitHub actions, Jenkins, and Spinnaker) to help you understand the essence of container management and delivery. The later sections of the book will take you through container pipeline security and GitOps (Flux CD and Terraform).

By the end of this DevOps book, you'll have learned best practices for automating your development lifecycle and making the most of containers, infrastructure automation, and CaaS, and be ready to develop applications using modern tools and techniques.

What you will learn
Become well-versed with AWS ECS, Google Cloud Run, and KnativeDiscover how to build and manage secure Docker images efficientlyUnderstand continuous integration with Jenkins on Kubernetes and GitHub actionsGet to grips with using Spinnaker for continuous deployment/deliveryManage immutable infrastructure on the cloud with Packer, Terraform, and AnsibleExplore the world of GitOps with GitHub actions, Terraform, and Flux CD
Who this book is for

If you are a software engineer, system administrator, or operations engineer looking to step into the world of DevOps within public cloud platforms, this book is for you. Existing DevOps engineers will also find this book useful as it covers best practices, tips, and tricks to implement DevOps with a cloud-native mindset. Although no containerization experience is necessary, a basic understanding of the software development life cycle and delivery will help you get the most out of the book.

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September 13
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