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When flaky Las Vegas hairdresser Molly McLaren overhears a Russian hit man planning to kill a US congressman and take out Hoover Dam in the process, she becomes a target for murder. Now, on the run from the assassin and a dirty cop, she winds up in an eighteen wheeler with an ex-cop sporting a bum leg, a bad attitude, and a body built for loving.

Grey Wilson just wanted to be left alone. No more Las Vegas. No more casinos. And no more floozy women like the one his best friend sent him to pick up on the side of the road. She talks fast, but her endless curves and sensuous nature make him want to slow down. Which is not in the cards. Grey knows he needs to unload his excess baggage. And quick.

But when someone tries to kill the Vegas beauty, Molly captures his heart with her backbone of steel, and brains to boot. Now in order to grasp the future that had once seemed impossible, Molly and Grey need to keep Hoover Dam, the congressman, and their love from being blown sky-high.

January 27
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl SDS ,

Who can resist a man like Grey Wilson!

Molly overheard some Polish mobsters plotting a assassination. Grey is supposed to keep her safe but she's afraid of him too. It's PTSD from a past abusive relationship. Is it possible to be attracted to and fear the same man? Can she get over her fear of large men and let Grey keep her safe? She keeps sneaking off and trying to do things her way, which isn't always the better way. All she wants to do is to talk her way out of things and that doesn't always work in the world of Polish mobsters.

What an amazing story line! This book wasn't overly long but there was a lot of story in these pages and the character growth was perfect. Grey is such a teddy bear. Molly is very head strong and stubborn, even though everyone thinks she's a blond bimbo. It broke my heart when she cried in the end. I am definitely keeping an eye on this author!

I was given a copy for an honest review.

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