Mom Dollar Money: STOP ARGUMENTS & END ENTITLEMENT with a System that Teaches Children the Reality of Responsibility in the Real World

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Are You Dealing with the “I Want it Now!” Attitude from Your Child?
Some call it entitlement, some call it laziness, others call it the affliction of today’s parenting landscape.

What is it?

It’s the commonly accepted idea that it’s okay for kids to be spoiled, overindulged, and naïve.

Enter “Mom Dollar Money”.

This insightful book contains the keys to unlock the prison that society has placed around our children’s sense of self.

A disproportionate amount of children are mentally shackled to the pervasive notion that they are exempt from reasonable expectations, and that parents, society, and everyone in general should provide for them until they feel good and ready to do something for themselves (as long as that “something” is easy and doesn’t require any genuine thinking skills or challenges). This life-draining expectation is all around us. Many refer to this as the entitlement generation.

Statistics reflect this phenomenon:
74% of parents provide financial support to their adult children, between the ages of 18-29. (Clark Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults)

64% of parents admit their children are spoiled. (Today Show)

The correlation between the two is self-evident.

There is good news though. This is reversible.
A solution has now been molded into an ingenious formula.

“Mom Dollar Money” includes a life-enriching kit that parents can conveniently implement with their children. It’s a positive discipline solution that uses child psychology and real life scenarios to help parents motivate their children to do chores, while providing a middle-ground to eliminate power struggles. This kit was created in a living laboratory with the author’s own children.

Both parents’ and children’s hesitations, viewpoints, desires, and capabilities are interwoven into this awesome kid-approved kit. Kid’s actually love it!

Moms and dads throughout have experienced this unique strategy of child discipline as an exceptionally effective guidance system for their kids. Here's what other parents are saying:

“This is an innovative tool for parents to teach their children real-life skills and values in a practical, but fun way. Our kids have embraced this with great enthusiasm …” ~Steve S.

“THIS HAS CHANGED OUR LIVES. I am not even kind of kidding. [My 7 year old son’s] attitude is 100% different.” ~Katie Morris

So if you’re feeling trapped in the furrows of your kids’ “You owe me!” attitude, this book was tailor-made for you. It’s just as rewarding for kids as it is for parents, and just as entertaining as it is educational.

Complete with a foundation to deal with daily conflicts and a proven system to spark good behavior, “Mom Dollar Money” gives you a new approach to inspire and equip your child with tools that will last a lifetime.

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