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From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Mondello.


The Summer House Series:

Moment in Time book 1

Moment of Impact book 2

Moment of Truth book 3

Moment of Trust book 4


MOMENT OF TRUTH, book 3 by Lisa Mondello


Sometimes the wrong love turns out to be right...


Heather Connelly made that dreaded mistake most young girls in love made.  She followed a boy to Nantucket, convinced he loved her.  And then got dumped in a public and humiliating way that ended in a pub brawl.  With her heart ripped to shreds, she wanders the beach drowning her tears in a bottle of wine, trying to figure out how to give it one more try.  She finds the open door to his suite on the beach and climbs into bed naked wanting to show him just what he'll miss.  Their love making is electric and nothing like she'd ever experience before.  She's convinced she's won him back.  But the next morning she wakes and realizes...she climbed into the wrong bed.  Can this wrong man be perfect right for her?


Despite making his first million by 25 and then turning his small company into a nearly billionaire dollar empire, Slade Sullivan couldn't feel any lower.  Recently divorced, he's gone to Nantucket Island, a place where he'd visited on many occasions as a child, to lick his wounds and regroup.  When a beautiful woman climbs into his bed and begs him to make love to her, he can't resist.  But in the light of day he realizes his huge mistake.  She's nearly twenty years younger than him!  He knows he should end it right there, but he can't resist this woman who makes him look at truths he's never wanted to see.  Can their summer fling become a lasting love?

October 30
Lisa Mondello
Lisa Naujoks

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