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It was just a work party, filled with kissing the well-dressed rear ends of clients and fake smiles. Until my boss accused me of something I didn’t do. Until I got pissed, and just then there was this guy who was hot and flirting with me. Then there were his hands and the backseat of my car and a night of everything but you know what. I never expected to see him again. But suddenly Julian Dohring is everywhere. And I can’t get over the endless tattoos that cover his arms, how he’s apparently a recovering video game addict, and dresses like he’s ready to walk down the red carpet at any moment. Ten years ago I made a pledge to stay away from alcohol and sex, and to never get too personal with anyone. It’s gotten me this far. I’m twenty-seven, I have a career I’ve worked my heart and soul into, and more money than I could ever blow on shoes and the finer things in life. My attitude and pride have always been enough to keep any man from getting too interested. Until Julian…who claims I can’t dance, and has the nerve to call me a ‘peach’. I’m Sage McCain, and needless to say, Julian has my attention.

May 6
Keary Taylor
Keary Taylor

Customer Reviews

HonestBabe30 ,

Worth a read

Pretty good book, I was hoping for more in sex scenes but it was a sweet story. I really enjoyed that the main character was a strong woman that's been through a really horrible experience and made her a stronger person.

Danii300 ,

I don't know how to feel

Boy did I try to like heroine Sage. But even after I found out about what happened to her I just felt a little sorry for her then I was just like okay. I loved Julian, but Sage just came off as shallow and her character really pushed my buttons in a bad way. The author is great at her art, but I just couldn't like Sage right up to the end . That in itself made me a bit put off. Even her brothers were more like able than her. She let her past shape her too much and instead of fighting through it she push it aside and it just made her a self absorbed, annoying, shallow person.

Starts with an A ,

Refreshing female lead

I like strong characters, that overcome obstacles with grace and style. This book is exactly that. Cockiness is considered sexy, and weakness comes in the form of the unknown. Completely human and believable. Romance and intimacy do not have to evolve from sex, quite the opposite is just as desirable for a reader with the desire to achieve more than just a secondary love high from the lovers in question. In a word...fanbloodytastic! Ok that's not a word. I'm a new fan of Mrs. Taylor.

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