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A moment is all we have to make a good first impression, to make a point, or to connect deeply with others. If we miss the moment, we miss out. 

Through stories and exercises, Zoë Routh guides you through managing the toughest moments: the depths of personal rock bottom; the squeeze of ethical challenges between a rock and hard place; and toe-to-toe, in the heat of the moment.

Leadership advisor Zoë Routh shows leaders and their teams how to thrive through change, and cultivate better relationships and business culture. Aa a high energy and engaging speaker, she presents frequently to industry groups and organisations about the future of leadership.

About the Author: 

Zoë Routh is a leadership mentor and speaker, showing people how to work better together.

She is English-born, Canadian-raised, and Australian-adopted; an Outdoor Adventurist and Experiential Educator, Truth Teller, Learner, Cancer Dancer, One-Time Belly Dancer, Aspiring Telemark Skiier, Slayer of Dragons, and Mother of Chickens. 

Zoë began her career leading canoe trips through the rugged Canadian wilderness. In 1996 she moved to Australia to work with Outward Bound, where she developed nationally-recognised outdoor leadership training programs. Furthering her passion for people and learning, with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation she developed industry leadership programs for the wine, rice, and mining communities. 

Zoë works closely with senior leaders in higher education, the private sector, rural industry groups, and the public service. Her high-impact leadership learning programs take place indoors and outdoors in spectacular settings.

As a high energy and engaging speaker, Zoë presents frequently to industry groups and organisations on the future of leadership.

Read more about Zoë’s work at www.zoerouth.com

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December 12
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