Momma, You Are Loved

A forty-day journey in God's love

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Publisher Description

Ever since the birth of my firstborn, Emma, I have come to taste a love from God that I had never known before. This newfound love I experienced filled me with a new desire to help all mommas know how truly loved they are-loved by the Highest King and worthy of raising His children that He gave us as an inheritance.Two years ago, I started writing devotions that sparked from my taste in God's love, which consisted of the everyday moments I experienced with my daughter. While writing, I became pregnant with my son, Asher; and shortly after, the unimaginable happened. My firstborn, the daughter who helped me taste God's love, became diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Now, a new trial tested my faith in God's love and everything I had been writing about.Soon, my writings became a journey where I desperately needed to stay wrapped up in God's love-a deeper calling into His grace by finding Him in the suffering. A new question arose from the pain, "Do I really know God's love?" I felt as if I could hear God speaking into my heart, "You had a taste of my love, but you don't truly understand how great My love is." A love that I had to learn to take root in, discovering one day at a time by ridding myself of my fleshly nature and filling myself up with His word.Momma, I invite you to take this forty-day journey with me through real-life momma moments where God's love carried me through. May you allow me into your day and help you feel God wrapping you up into His strong arms. I pray my writings and testimonies will speak life to your heart and open your soul to become rooted in His love.

April 12
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