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Immerse yourself in Monet’s waterlily series of the Musée de l’Orangerie for the very first time on iPad.

This Special Edition interactive book, fully illustrated with rich high resolution images and HD film, offers an in depth look at the crowning culmination of Claude Monet’s life work: the waterlily series of the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris. By exploring Monet’s gardens in Giverny, demonstrated through beautiful photographs and high quality footage, this book focuses in on the significance of the panels of the Orangerie in the history of art, and how the overarching theme of colour - and the motif of light - played a part in the Impressionist movement. Suggesting new ideas on the effects of Monet’s failing eyesight in his later years, this short text, delivered in a fresh and uniquely immersive way, examines how important Colour in Impressionism really was as part of an exclusive digital experience. Included in this Special Edition is a brand new section which offers information and advice on planning your own trip to Paris and Giverny to see Monet’s works at first hand. Offering an invaluable source of tips and travel guidance - all accompanied by a comprehensive set of photographs designed to complement the text - this book will inspire the armchair art historian and the intrepid art explorer alike.

Monet: Colour in Impressionism is ‘thoroughly written... I particularly appreciate [the] research on chromatism.’

- Sandrine Voillet (Parisian Art Historian, Curator, Presenter & Writer)

‘James Taylor-Foster is a young author whose first delight in looking at art, coupled with natural academic rigour, is communicated to the interested reader in just the right proportion of freshness, readability and informativeness. The book's pleasing format resonates perfectly with one of the
most popularly loved subjects in art history.’

- Lydia Bauman (internationally acclaimed Artist, Art Historian & Writer)

‘This beautifully updated version of James Taylor-Foster's Monet: Colour in Impressionism brings the text to life with even more visual appeal. Readers will find a selection of new images to further illustrate Monet's work and the fascinating color principles behind it, as well as footage of Paris and Giverny.'

- Lisa McGarry (Author of The Piazzas of Florence & Artist)

Described as 'a real gem', 'the best art history book on the iBookstore' and 'a perfect companion to coffee shops, galleries, museums, or even Paris' by readers on the UK iBookstore.

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August 13
James Taylor-Foster
James Taylor-Foster