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This eBook is a summary of best-selling book ’MONEY Master The Game’ by Tony Robbins.


Tony Robbins is the authority on personal development. He has coached and inspired over 50 million people from all over the world. In his new book, ‘MONEY Master the Game’, Tony turns his attention to a topic so many people struggle with, financial security.

MONEY Master the Game is based on years of research and interviews with some of the top financial minds; including Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio. From all his findings, Tony has produced a simple 7 step blueprint anyone can use to move toward financial freedom.

A Book Summary

‘MONEY Master the Game’ is a big book at over 688 pages, depending on the edition you read. If you are low on time, reading over 688 pages may simply be out of the question, that is where this eBook comes in! This eBook presents just the most important ideas discussed in ‘MONEY Master the Game’ but removes the less important aspects of the book. You are left with a summary that will provide all of the core benefits of reading the full 688-page book, but without the time commitment.

Book Synopsis

‘MONEY Master the Game’ introduces the basic financial concepts that will allow you to become financially independent and retire with more than you thought possible. Tony Robbins breaks down a complex subject into seven simple steps. Following these steps will show you that investing is simpler than you first thought and something you should start doing now.

The book also aims to inspire you to think about your live as it is now, and your dream life, and realize how you can move from one to the other. It will inspire you to take control of your finances and go after your lifestyle goals.

The Author

Tony Robbins requires little introduction. He is a bestselling author, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has remained the authority on personal development for decades and continues to inspire millions of people with his work. Oprah Winfrey calls him “super-human.”

Robbin’s philanthropy is responsible for feeding more than 42 million people and through his partnership with Feeding America, he will personally provide 50 million meals to those in need this year.

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