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As network marketers begin making extra money from their new side business, they do not have a plan for how to pay the least taxes, keep the most money, and invest it properly. They usually spend all the new money they are earning. It is great to have the new earnings vehicle, but it is still futile without learning how to be smart with your money. Until you understand money and how to attract it, keep and grow it, you are likely to just spin your wheels spending every dollar that comes in the door. Money Mindset will be your ticket to the wealth-building fast lane – and is a MUST READ for every network marketer on the planet.

Business & Personal Finance
October 1
Brian Carruthers
Marketing 101, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jeremycz51 ,

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad?

If you Read Rich Dad Poor Dad this is a MUST for EVERYONE looking to further improve their mind and life!
If you haven't read RDPD, THIS IS A MUST
You cannot learn what is in this goldmine of a book in any school from what you will able to take away from this read.

PrimosDad ,

Thank you for opening our minds!!

Growing up middle class I was not taught about wealth. It wasn't until I joined the Network Marketing/Direct Sales Industry that the principles of wealth building started to be instilled in me. I started seeing people with my background or a less fortunate background achieve the success that I always hoped for. The difference between us was our mindset. Mr. Carruthers has been an Inspiration and Mentor to countless entrepreneurs and he continues to share the principles and experiences that brought him to his current success. Thank you for opening our minds!!

JamesDavis_Wichita ,


A book on making the most of your money. Should be a required read!!

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