Money, my Love

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Money is nothing than to be seen as a medium of exchange. Everyone wants to make money and have much of it. Several questions could be bugging our minds about money and why some people are getting richer while some are getting poorer.
To a large extent money can buy happiness as money is closely connected to happiness. You feel a kind of happiness and peace of mind when you realize that you have money in your pocket to spend. You have this feeling that you cannot be stranded at any point in time as you can simply spend your way out of any trouble. This is a good feeling that money brings to you. Therefore, we tend to develop so much love for money than we should have. This is the genesis of most of our present predicament as we do not know how to control our cravings and love for money.
Economist say that human wants are insatiable so also is the quest for money insatiable and domineering for those who allow themselves to be put under the bondage of money. You need to find that connection whereby you can transform your hard-earned money into a good life.
The connection between money and happiness doesn’t seem smooth. You often stress yourself to stay late at work or struggle in order to save money and invest it profitably. But that doesn’t still guarantee you happiness as you have to go through a lot to make money. The relationship between money and happiness appears more complicated than you can possibly imagine.
This has led to many studies by economists and psychologists about money. They seek to unravel the mystery behind the reason why having more money could still lead to increase unhappiness and why one doesn’t seem satisfied with the amount of money he has even if it is sufficient enough to meet his needs. The more money you have the more you want. Why does buying a luxury good give you a momentary happiness and joy?
To answer this questions which seems depressing, there are some answers that were derived at which could be a bit encouraging. You can find happiness from money as long as you exercise some precautions. Don’t get too obsessed with money; don’t allow it to control your actions. Know what to expect from money and don’t expect too much as it could affect you mentally if you do not attain the high expectations you have placed for it.
Know that you do not have to buy a Range rover car before you could be happy. You should seek for happiness aside from money as happiness derived from money doesn’t last long and it can fade away as your income dwindles.
To permanently manage your happiness alongside your money you need to undertake certain lifestyle changes. This will help to ensure you live the right way to make money and also enjoy it.
Conclusively, loving money is not bad but it needs to be managed properly so it does not spill out of control

Health, Mind & Body
March 13
Sonia Baeriswyl
Draft2Digital, LLC

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