Money: What Has Love Got To Do With It‪?‬

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Publisher Description

In our modern world, the conversations around personal financial success are abundant, yet the intersection of money and intimate relationships often remains untouched. This new book fearlessly steps into this gap, offering an engaging discussion in a short, easy-to-read style.

This book is a thoughtful exploration of the relationships we have with love, money, and communication. What if love and money are not polar opposites, but intertwined in ways we've yet to fully understand? What if the way we communicate about them shapes our relationships and our financial lives? These intriguing questions lie at the heart of our book. We explore the tricky connection between our feelings (love) and something totally different (money) and how we communicate about it.

Discover the remarkable feature that sets this book apart: the Household Finance Calculator. A simple tool, this invaluable addition empowers couples and families to navigate their finances with greater ease and comprehension. With practicality at its core, this calculator sheds light on each individual's financial contributions to the household, facilitating a fair distribution of income. Prepare to witness a harmonious balance where both the collective needs of the household and the aspirations of each individual are aptly fulfilled.

Early Reviews:
Bradi A. - "Reading the book was a very eye-opening experience, to say the least. The stories were enthralling and relatable enough to keep me interested in what would normally be a "boring" topic. There were parts that made me cackle, parts that made me sad, and thoughts of this could be me."

Amber H. - “The stories in this book stirred emotions that I was unaware I had regarding money, my marriage and my upbringing.”

Robyn M. - “I LOVED the [Household Finance] calculator. I am not savvy with Excel, nor am I one who loves to fill out budget sheets, although I do think it is important. It was easy, I didn't feel intimidated by it and I was willing to fill it out instead of avoiding it, which says a lot.”

Business & Personal Finance
July 18
MTB Publishing
Mercedes Troy Ballard