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File no. 1, Moneyman, also known as Codename: Moneyman, is the action-packed, thrilling story of one SAS trooper who must uncover international espionage or die in the attempt...

British Secret Intelligence selects a man to carry out a sanctioned termination in Tenerife. He leaves on the mission unaware of his real purpose. He's one part of a secret plot to uncover a spy deep within the London, Whitehall establishment.

The mission rapidly turns deadly.

He soon discovers the world of international espionage has placed him in a desperate situation and presented him with an impossible task. Chinese, Russian, and British agents hunt him while his only help comes from a single London contact, but can he trust her?

Will his skills as an elite-soldier be enough to keep him alive long enough to complete his mission and discover the truth, or will time run out?

"How does one uncover a spy deep within the British political establishment?"
"That is a question."
"Yes, isn't it?"
The silent pause drifted.
"Well, do you have the answer?"
"Yes, I do but first, tell me this. What is more important than all other things?"
The silent pause returned.
"No. More important than all other things is 'economic' strength."

Mysteries & Thrillers
January 29
Mark Arundel
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Suzeqc ,


Very interesting. Would read more of the same

Crash and carry ,

This is the worst book I’ve ever finished.

I’m not sure why I bothered, but somehow I made it to the end. The writing is shockingly poor. Pre-teens can do better. The author does not know the difference between lay and lie, stationary and stationery, past and passed, or who and whom. He puts commas in random places and seems only vaguely aware what punctuation is for. He bumbles on and on with useless observations that don’t advance the plot or develop the characters. At the end of one excrutiatingly banal and pointless paragraph he writes, “You get the idea.” Yeah, we got the idea about half an hour ago when you were describing the cheese and tomato sandwich you were making. Even the most indulgent and incompetent editor would get rid of half the text of the book. The plot is ridiculous. The outcome is a joke. This book is a complete waste of your time. Go do some exercise or write your own book instead of reading this junk.

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