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Publisher Description

1. Introduction

In this file you will find Gunz #2, from my Gunz Action Series, and Monk #2, from my Monk Political Thriller Series. Both series are quite new, but have a common theme of men in strife.

2. Promotional Story Included

This file has a promotional story from my Mage Fantasy Series: An Unexpected Dinner.

3. Description (Monk #2)

Bo is dead. The old man is gone. Monk is on a roll, until he meets the scarred man that is. A brutal brawl is on the books for Monk as he fights to find the man who ordered the event that destroyed his faith, while avoiding being killed at every turn. Monk is tough and resourceful, but can he overcome this? Political action at its best!

4. Description (Gunz #2)

Gunz, Glock – two killers or renown – face off in LA in a hot shot battle of the best. The reaper will get a good feeding tonight as they take it to the streets of LA using everything in their arsenals – TEC-9s, Glocks, Smith and Wessons and one very special piece – to succeed in their goal: Killing each other! Action from beginning to end. This is one for the Gunz fans.

5. Notes

- LA setting

- China setting

- Action

- Gun porn

- Violence

- Gritty stories

- Hard prose

- In character

- fun to read

6. Titles In The Monk Series

Monk #1: Beginnings

Monk #2: Chase

Pack: Beginnings and Monk 2: Chase

7. Titles in The Gunz Series

Guns #1: Rage Inferno

Gunz #2: Gun Battle LA

Pack: Rage Inferno and Gun Battle LA

Mysteries & Thrillers
November 7
Lunatic Ink Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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