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Many books have been written about Monopoly, the world's most popular game. Now for the first time a 35-year internationally known Monopoly tournament player shares secret game strategies and tactics previously known and practiced by only a handful of top competitive Monopoly tournament players and coaches.

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July 31
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Customer Reviews

Bullitt_Biter ,

Very interesting and contains a ton of helpful info

This book is not only very helpful it is also very interesting and entertaining to read.

Ken seems like a genuinely nice guy. I could easily see him as being a dear friend or buddy if I knew him. He would be pleasure to play with/against in a game of monopoly... But many (all?) of his strategies are downright sinister. Ha. I don't mean that in the negative to Ken

What I mean is: the goal is to win by bankrupting the other players... And to do that requires not only understanding of odds, probability, and game status awareness, but also to be the best at trading properties. And to be good at trading requires being able to psychologically analyze and manipulate the other players to your ultimate advantage/benefit. And always without the other players knowing that you are manipulating them.

It is very clever how the author plans and strategizes each scenario example after scenario in his book.

I can't help but wonder if the author is giving us false bogus strategies just to mess with potential future opponents heads. I'm kidding of course. But Ken does mention again and again in scenarios and examples of how he will lead unaware opposing players down the wrong path to ensure himself the victory. Ha. like I said, this book is not only very helpful,it is also very fun and interesting.

I do highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a better monopoly player.

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