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The Sleeper SEALs are former U.S. Navy SEALs recruited by a new CIA counter-terror division to handle solo dark ops missions to combat terrorism on U.S. soil


Plagued by survivor’s guilt and a bad knee, SEAL Maddog Maddox left the Navy and buried himself in a mountain cabin in Colorado where the only creatures he hunts now are those he puts on his table. Slowly going out of his mind with boredom, he’s on the verge of throwing himself off a cliff when an old friend, his former commander gives him a reason to live. His mission: Team with special CIA operative and assassin to reveal a terrorist on home soil.

Raised by her father in the Crazy Mountains of Montana, Jolie Richards learned to fire guns before she learned to do her hair. When her father was killed by a careless hunter, Jolie joined the CIA to get as far away from Montana and the emptiness of a home without her father. Her skills as an expert marksman land her as an assassin. When she kills one of a pair of brothers radicalized into ISIS, she becomes the target. In order to flush out the ISIS threat, she sets herself up as bait, but takes her predator to familiar ground in the Crazy Mountains. Used to working alone, she finds she’s been assigned a partner. She just hopes he stays out of the way of her accomplishing her mission.

Together Maddog and Jolie team with the Brotherhood Protectors, a protection agency comprised of former military members, to expose their enemy before he can kill more innocents. 

** Montana Rescue ** is part of the Brotherhood Protectors Series. It is also in the “Sleeper SEAL” connected series. Each book can be read as a stand-alone. They do not have cliffhanger endings. 

Each book in the multi-author branded Sleeper SEAL series can be read stand-alone, and individual books do not have to be read in any particular order.

November 7

Customer Reviews

Agent$$$$ ,

Mad Dog Meets Jolie...

"Mad Dog" Maddox was medically discharged from his SEALs team. Recuperating in Colorado, Mad Dog's survivors guilt and self pity become so bad that he contemplates jumping off a cliff. While standing on the edge, a former commander drives up offering a lead to a possible job. Mad Dog can't imagine what a "banged up" SEAL can do, but is willing to listen. When the call comes in, it's to work with a CIA trained assassin--Jolie Richards.

Jolie Richards was raised by her dad in Crazy Mountain, Montana on a ranch. She hasn't been back since her father passed eight years ago. Jolie decides to try and lure her stalker to the ranch and away from possible collateral damage. If the stalker is able to get to her, she doesn't want anyone else to suffer. When Mad Dog arrives to offer additional protection while bringing down a possible sleeper cell, Jolie turns him down. Jolie swears she can defend herself. Mad Dog informs Jolie that he's on assignment and he's not leaving until the threat is eliminated. Although she doesn't want him there, she finds herself comforted with the fact that someone has her back.

Wow! There were so many twists and turns. Just when I thought I had it figured out, another "twist" presented itself. The novel was fast-paced, suspenseful, funny, and romantic. I loved that Jolie was strong, but also vulnerable. I liked that Mad Dog was able to work through some of his self-pitying issues while not sounding like a whiner. It was also nice to see that two strong personalities can be strong while opening themselves up to love. I truly enjoyed this novel. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

littlepinkpumpkin ,

Montana Rescue

A book you can’t put down. I loved everything about Jolie and Mad Dog.

LRH1022 ,

Loved Montana Rescue!!

Received an ARC of this book for a honest review. And I honestly loved it. Caleb “Mad Dog” Maddox is out of the SEALs after an injury where his friend died, and is in the verge of doing the unthinkable - until his friends intervene with a message. He then goes to partner with Jolie - who needs a partner but thinks she can do it all alone. The suspense and action and plain old wanting to see what happens between Caleb & Jolie keeps you turning the pages. It’s was a great read. I truly loved it.

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