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Trevor Anderson gave up his life as a Navy SEAL when he lost his best friend in an ambush. Before his friend died, he’d promised him he’d take care of his wife, should anything happen to him. Trevor left the Navy and returned to his home state of Montana to follow through on that promise. 

Widow of a Navy SEAL, Lana works for Homeland Security, searching for answers behind her husband’s death. When she gets too close to the truth, she calls on her husband’s best friend for help. Trevor proposes that Lana move to Montana where he can look after her. She takes him up on the offer, hoping that hiding in the Big Sky state will cool the heat. She finds an entirely different kind of hotness in her relationship with her husband's best friend. While their passions ignite, her investigation catches up to her, threatening to raze the walls she's built around her heart.

August 21
Twisted Page Inc

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Montanafilly73 ,


I was very disappointed in this book. It started off with a nice bang and then fizzled. Too much about Lana debating between two men and how she went the easy way jumping at the first proposal. And who loves two men at the same time and dreams of jumping the bones of the one you didn’t choose? The mystery surrounding her husband’s death fizzled when the authorities didn’t play it to the end. I’m gonna have to say I enjoyed the other books in the series more but I thought Trevor was a gem in this one!

Jen G F ,

Montana Friendly Fire

ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars

Montana Seal Friendly Fire is book 11 of the Brotherhood Protectors series and another great book by Elle James.

Trevor Anderson retired from the Navy Seals after his best friend was killed in an ambush in Afghanistan but before he died "Con Man" asked him to take care of his wife, Lana, since he was not making it back to her. Trevor agreed but has a slight problem...he is also in love with Lana. See these three were know as the Three Musketeers and both men fell in love with her. Now Trevor works for the Brotherhood and when he received an odd message from Lana, he knows he has to go see her and find out what it means. Little does he know that he may be running out of time to save her.

Lana has gotten in way over her head after she started digging on the dark web about what happened when her husband and his fellow Seals were ambushed and he died with a bullet to the back. She goes to work for the Department of Homeland Security and finds more than she ever thought possible...homegrown terrorists wanting to take over the government.. After setting up and appointment with the FBI to give them all the information she has discovered she knows she will have to find somewhere safe to lay low for a while. Now more than ever she needs Trevor's help but can he make it to her in time to keep her safe from harm and build a life together or will Trevor fail yet again??

LRH1022 ,

Montana Friendly Fire

Such a great book!! First, Con Man getting killed broke my heart. But what he said to Trevor right before he died said a lot. And made more sense as the book went on. Lana pushed Trevor away but when she needed him he came running. I couldn’t put it down. Loved it!!

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