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A sinister crime. A careless coverup. An impossible secret. Will Kate and Ian solve the case before they become the next victims?

Kate Hale would rather remain an invisible pencil pusher, but that’s been impossible since she broke the biggest insider predictions scandal in history. Time away on a case with her pack seems like the perfect solution, however, she can’t work the investigation if she’s served a restraining order on arrival.

The team rushes to find a loophole in their time-sensitive case to unravel an underground werewolf blood market. Are the members of the local Texas wolf pack innocent victims or are they in on the job?

In the midst of mounting evidence against their new pack allies, Kate and Detective Ian Becker receive news that will turn their pack upside down. If they don’t act quickly, they will forever be shunned from werewolf society. 

This book is part of a series. Readers will get a better entertainment experience if they start at book one and move through the series. 

Romancing the Null (book one) 

Big Bad Becker (novella that takes place between books one and two) 

Conditional Probability of Attraction (book two) 

The Werewolf Coefficient (book three) 

Standard Deviation of Death (book four) 

Shifter Variance (book five) 

Correlation of Fate (book six) 

Half Cup Magic (Ali's Story, book seven) 

Moon Kissed (book eight)

*The first three books, plus a free short novel, Blood and Magic, are available in a boxed set

May 7
Smashed Picket Press
Christina Smith

Customer Reviews

math wizard ,

Hidden Agendas

An excellent well written mystery! Kate , Ian, Dahlia, Abbott, Oliver and Ali are off to solve they mystery of who is selling werewolves blood. The problem is occurring in their state as well as in Texas. With all the twists and subplots the book kept me well interested in the story. I can’t say too much as it would spoil the book. Lots of surprises but you will enjoy the book and get to meet Oliver’s family.

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