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Werewolves in the Moonbound World discover un-bonded wolves that lead them into an adventure they'll never forget. And some of them may not survive...

This boxed set included Books 1-4 of the eight-book Moonbound Series. Part of the Somewhere, TX continuity world.


A wolf divided by two worlds… torn between desire and destiny...

Small town sheriff, Allan VonBrandt, would like nothing more than to focus only on his work and not on the leggy and irresistible brunette who won't take no for an answer. But when Fate steps in and his inner wolf won't refuse the magick pull she has on him, Allan must confront his animalistic desires--whether he wants to or not.

Reyna DuBois has never met a man--or wolf--she can't tame, but Allan just might be the stubborn exception to the rule. Refusing to give up, Reyna enlists the help of her inner wolf to seduce the ever-reluctant sheriff, promising this particular cowboy the ride of his life.


After facing a major blow to her ego, werewolf bodyguard, Aria LeBlanc decides to drown her sorrows in the delectable tastes of renowned chef, Marco DiSanti. But one little taste is not enough--for either of them. As they begin to sample more and more, Aria uncovers the truth about Marco’s past.

As an unbonded and unstable werewolf, Marco worries of getting too close--uncertain of his ability to control himself after shifting. Fearless and courageous, Aria promises to guide him, helping him to confront his past and embrace his future. But can Marco let down his guard and give his body--and soul--to the bodyguard who stole his heart?


Unbonded wolves are unsafe--something Rainer "Rain" DuBois knows all too well. As a former leader of the Black Wolf Rangers, it's his job to find them, protecting packs from all over the country. With a mission to lead a team of enforcers into the heart of Mexico to face off against a madman, nothing can derail him from his goal. Until he meets Nora Cavanaugh...

Teaming up with Rain is just what Nora needs to escape her relentless and unforgiving family's grip. Always forced to walk the line, Nora craves a little rule-breaking of her own. But working with Rain ignites a magick that Nora thought fizzled out long ago. Giving in to that pull, that familiar and hot sensation, just might put them in more danger than they ever imagined.


Vegas pack enforcer, Tomás Rivera, will do anything to help the mysterious Citlani find her mother. As the daughter of an unknown mountain pack chief, Tomás finds Lani entrancing and irresistible. As a fire erupts between them, igniting passion and desire, they don't realize that the closer they get to locating Lani's mother the closer they are to danger. With a vindictive traitor on their tail, they must battle their enemies while still fighting for what they discovered along the way--each other.

September 7
Moonbound Books
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Customer Reviews

Shelane Greenlee ,

The Werewolf Cowboy

Werewolf Cowboy

I really enjoyed the story line and it really keeps you wanting more, but without leaving loose ends. The combination of Shannan/Rhys is new and interesting. I love Krystal Shannan and have read most of her series, and this has piqued my interest to learn more about Rhys.

svannatta ,

Awesome Box Set!

The Werewolf Cowboy:
As the search for Elise’s parentage continues, the Louisiana Pack comes to Somehwere, TX to help. Allan VonBrandt is the local sheriff who really wants to live as human so he can continue to help protect humans. In comes Reyna, a very sexy and stubborn wolf. He is surprised to find out she is his Fated Mate and fights it while Reyna is totally on board with it. This funny story follows the two of them as they both fight for what they want.

The Werewolf Bodyguard:
I was so hoping that this book would be about Aria! The Alphas are meeting in Vegas to discuss what they can do to find out about Elise. Aria is upset that Reyna has left her and She has been replaced as head enforcer. She goes to an Italian restaurant and finds another pack less wolf who happens to be her Fated Mate. Poor guy is a wolf in hiding, ashamed of what he is. He learns that Aria is a force to be reckoned with and he will not win :). Loved this story!

The Werewolf Ranger:
Rain is the wolf ranger that was called in to replace Aria as head enforcer when she found her mate. He and a few other wolves are chosen to go after the man/wolf? that had kidnapped young female wolf children to rape and torture. Rain is sent out as 2nd in command of the team but he is having a problem with the lead wolf Nora. Everyone thinks she is a princess but her father is a ruthless alpha who had her first mate killed. While on the hunt, Rain and Nora finally give in to their Fated Mate calling. She is now with the Louisiana Pack and has to remain hidden from her father.

Chasing A Wolf:
In the 4th book of this Moonbound Series we have Tomas, an enforcer for the Vegas Pack searching for a clue to find the horrible shifter that has kidnapped little girls, held them until he could breed them and torture them. What's left of their team has split up to find the "mountain people". He found a tribe but also found his mate Lani, the princess of the pack. She tricks him into a "marriage" just so he will help her find her mother that disappeared. The plot thickens...there is a lot of action and a whole lotta heated romance between the two newly mated wolves.

becky0416 ,

Wow! What a Start

The Werewolf Cowboy (Moonbound Book 1)

Having just recently begun reading the Somewhere, TX series, I am finding that I am truly enjoying the characters. Allan had been fighting his wolf while answering what he considers his calling, protecting the humans in Somewhere as their Sheriff. That is, he was winning his struggle until Reyna came along. She's his mate, but he's fighting Fate and her to maintain the life he feels compelled to keep.

The back and forth between Allan and Reyna has been cleverly written to where it doesn't feel forced, but very natural for the two. It is quite entertaining how these two characters finally comes to terms with each other, this reader was not disappointed.

The Werewolf Bodyguard (Moonbound Book 2)

My heart just went out to Marco...a young wolf that had no family, all on his own with no one to show him how to be both a man and a wolf. That was until Aria found him, her mate. Again Fate has intervened and brought these two together. Aria had been lost since Reyna left New Orleans to be with Allan her mate in Somewhere, TX. Finding Marco was the home that Aria needed and together they healed each other.

I have been quite taken with the Moonbound series and am looking forward to the installment of the series. The Authors have done a fine job of giving the characters depth and dimension, creating a willingness for the reader to become invested in them.

The Werewolf Ranger (Moonbound Book 3)

Rain and Nora's story was a bit different than the first two in the series in that it didn't pull at my heartstrings as much as it was more "what's going to happen next" adrenaline inducing. I'm enjoying as the story continues though in the hunt for the monster that could capture young girls and use them the way these women had been. As next installment of the series continues, I hope that there is more about the search and capture of this man.

Chasing A Wolf (Moonbound Book 4)

The story of Tomás and Citlani (Lani) has been the most suspenseful and action packed in the series so far. As the search for the monster who captured young girls for nefarious reasons continues, Tomás is thrown together with his mate, Lani before he even intended on seeking one. There is definitely humor in the process that the Tomás was tricked into in the "selecting" of his mate, as evidenced by how he felt about how the tribe's women were paraded out for him: "He felt like Goldilocks, only his porridge was boobs."

Though the story takes a tragic turn, it all works for the overall relationship of Tomás and Lani...in her learning to trust her mate and adjust to a new way of life. I am now anxious for the next installment in the Moonbound series to see how the search for this monster progresses.

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