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Worlds collide when two strangers meet at Waterloo station. It's a moment they'll never forget.

Nicola is a star at the top of the corporate ladder, but her personal life is a disaster. Her office affair has run its course, and the last thing she wants to think about is Christmas. A night of cancelled trains and festive Christmas carols at Waterloo Station is the last straw...

Dmitri loves conducting his pop-up choir during the festive season, meeting people, and spreading joy and cheer around London. But he carries deep secrets from his past that robbed him of his dream to become a concert pianist.

Can two lonely hearts and souls be unlocked by music and moonlight and will they discover the healing power of love?

Perfect for the fans of Milly Johnson, Debbie Johnson, Sarah Morgan, Karen Swan and Heidi Swain.

Praise for Moonlight on the Thames:

'I have literally fallen in love with this book' Nessa.

'I loved this book ... Quite emotional at times' Rachel Kennedy.

'With a big heart, this is one where you'll actually feel emotion on the page' Kathleen Gray.

'A lovely read for your Christmas list' Lisa Houston.

'A hauntingly beautiful novel' Christopher Helton.

September 4
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Head of Zeus

Customer Reviews

Christopher Helton ,

Hauntingly Beautiful

Nicola is dreading the Christmas season, and encountering a group of carolers taking over Waterloo Station is about all she can take. However, after heckling the group of singers, she can’t get the handsome choir master, Dmitri, out of her head. As their paths continue to cross, traumatic pasts unfold while romance blossoms.

Author Lauren Westwood has a stunning command of this world she’s crafted, and the result is a novel that reads almost operatic. These characters and their lives are heightened, and their trajectories soar just like Dmitri’s music. Westwood does not shy away from tragedy and how individuals would naturally respond to those events even years later. But that’s exactly what makes the sprouting relationship between Dmitri and Nicola so compelling and rewarding.

And it’s certainly a whirlwind along the way. Usually it’s so hard to create a character both highly flawed and highly sympathetic, but Westwood manages this with both Nicola and Dmitri. There were a few points where I was frustrated by their choices, but they were justified. It’s not a light, easy romance by any stretch, and that was a pleasant surprise for a holiday read.

Overall, this is a hauntingly beautiful novel.

Note: I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley.

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