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A collection of all the work by James Snow to date including the erotic short stories:

Taming Jenny

Jenny, young, attractive, intelligent and above all untameable... A short story of a males desire for someone who's no good for him. He's seeking something she cant give him and finds himself lost in the pleasure's she can provide. Against his better judgement he finds himself experiencing new pleasures he never even dreamed of.

Roommate Surprise

It started with a date and ended with group fun. His date with Claire is rudely interrupted by her roommates, Rebecca and Paul who show an unusual interest in him. One thing leads to another and soon the foursome are exploring new pleasures and experiences.

The Huntress

Jared, a youthful sword for hire, taken in his prime. After the attack on the caravans Jared is captured by a barbaric yet beautiful society of women. By day he is forced to fight for his life in the arena, by night he is their sex slave, their toy to do with as they wish.

Follow Jared as he is thrust into this sexual and barbaric world.


David Clarke, taken from the street and thrust into a game of survival. His aim is to eliminate the other competitors and the only way to do this is to dominate them sexually and satisfy his audience with his performance.

My Neighbors Daughter

Tom, newly single and home alone on a Friday night when his neighbors daughter Amy drops by after a row with her father. No longer the nerdy little teen she used to be he just can't help but notice how amazing she looks and it's not long before she seeks an unexpected kind of comfort from him. Contains 18+ Content

Work Bet

An every day at work. Two colleagues bored and in need of entertainment decide to make a wager, whoever sells the most wins the prize, to ask whatever they want of their colleague. Harriet's creativity gets the better of the pair who end up sharing a very enjoyable prize.

Contains 18+ Material

Fiction & Literature
September 11
James Snow
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